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In addition to being nuisances that snack on your food, rats can cause a surprising amount of damage to your home. They can chew through just about anything, including wood, cloth, wires and insulation. Their destructive tendencies can leave your house vulnerable to fires and costly structural damage. Ravega Pest Control offers rat control services in the Paramount, CA area. We'll inspect your home and choose a rat removal method that suits your space.

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3 signs you might have a rat infestation in your home

3 signs you might have a rat infestation in your home

Rats are crafty creatures that know how to hide in all kinds of crevices. This makes it hard to know for sure if you have a rat infestation. If you think you might, look out for these signs:

  1. Your wires have teeth marks on them.
  2. You find rat droppings inside your cabinets or in dark corners.
  3. You hear scratching and scuffling behind your walls.

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